sowing seeds of wonder.
simply.classically. joyfully.


That’s what it’s all about.


We are 3 moms, each aiming to plant seeds in our children’s hearts- the proverbial “little acorns from which grow mighty oaks”.


In all of the almost overwhelming options and sometimes clutter-creating curriculum choices for home education these days [and really- yay for that] we have all seen that somehow a sweet SIMPLICITY
can be lost.


Although we were each allegedly given a liberal arts education- it was by no means such a thing. We wonder where we were when “the education for the free man” was given to us… So thanks to a host of brave souls that saw the beauty that was lost in education, twenty-ish years ago, a way was beginning to be paved back to how we used to be educated. It was once called- “education”. Now its called CLASSICAL


The 3 of us will admit to yelling on occasion, crying, and perhaps even wanting to “take to bed”…but we long to find and hold onto the
of learning with our children, exploring and wondering with them and diving deeply into rich, true, beautiful and lovely things with them…and our guess is that you might long for that, too.


That’s why we are writing here.


We want to invite you to trod along as fellow sojourners, as we endeavor to teach our children well-
simply, classically and joyfully.