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Morning Time Magic WEEK 2- READING

Last week we began the Ritual of coming together for prayer.
I’ve heard the good advice to have a few components to prayer time:
1. Confession
2. Thanks
3. Prayer for the salvation of the lost
4. Prayer for missionaries and pastors and the persecuted.
5. Prayer for our own needs

Not rocket science and not original- I know 🙂 we sure don’t hit each area each time, but I try to be mindful, so that my children can form that habit that I never really did. 

There was a Bonus challenge of adding a little reading.

This week that is the REAL FOCUS.

We are going to simply add Reading.



My kids like to write out the scripture we read, or just draw while I read to them… so I copied a friend of mine, and in my Morning Bin, I have drawing pads and utensils, silly putty, or something to fiddle with. It actually helps KEEP their attention sometimes. If it doesn’t- its out.
Here is a collection of the suggested readings from families with young and old (er)… but mostly 12 and under.

The mamas that are reading these are finding that for their very little ones, the Jesus Storybook Bible is GREAT, and some of the old devotion books are just the right length and variety to work for busy little bodies, roaming minds and shorter attention spans…but those are building, as the ritual continues.

These readings are aimed toward Loving what is Lovely and what is True. God is Love and He is Truth… and His Word-Life.

Stephanie, mother of 4, ages 10 months-7yrs

Jami, Mother of 4, ages 5-12 

 Sara Jane, Mother of 4, ages 1-9


Kristen, Mother of 4, ages 2-7

Alexia, Mother of 4, ages infant- 7

Jenny, mother of 5, ages infant- 10 (with twin 2-year olds)
They also read the Jesus Storybook Bible so the little twins can be involved.  That book’s great for age 2-102! We love. love. love it.

Kristin, mother of 4, ages 4-9 (with twin 9 year olds)
How many had this read to them as kids?! 🙂

Here’s the List so far:
So your morning looks like this maybe:
Cuddle on the couch with some fruit or muffins. [yay!]
Pray together. 
Pass out journals or notepads and colored pencils or something.
Read Scripture/ Devotional together. [older children may want to take this on]
Maybe read from one of the BONUS books from week 1 – Book of Virtues or Aesops- something easy. Something lovely.
Next week- we’ll plant another seed in our Morning Time Garden! BOOM. Easy again! [almost like magic]

Venture Into the Night

“If on a startlit night,
With the moon brilliantly shimmering,
 We stay inside and do not venture out,

The evening universe remains a part of life we shall not know…”*

My daughter wanted the tent in the yard for her birthday.
It became the fort-of-the-week.

I had just been exchanging “no-fun-mom” woes with a few friends, and decided I’d try to be “fun”.

It turned into a weekend-long star-gazing campout. With no rain in sight, the mesh top was the perfect observatory for sleeping bag dwellers.

It was pretty glorious.

The Evening Universe became just a little more familiar to us.

And I saw that when I show interest in something, it can be a little contagious [sometimes]. It made me think of the scholé, or leisurely learning I am reading of, and absorbing, and beginning to dive into.

Not a hurried, check-off-the-activity-or-paper learning, but a “love what is lovely” learning, a learning that pours into life- not just “school”.  A learning that isn’t lazy, but leisurely, in that, it takes TIME. Sweet time. Time looking at sky charts and trying to match it to the REAL sky, time looking at the daytime sky, time thinking and reading about how the sky is God’s great big clock and calendar for us.

Gen. 1:14: And God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years…

What?! So cool.

So, we aren’t very good at finding many constellations [yet], but were inspired by Fred of Life of Fred fame, to find collinear stars, and triangles and such…

And we have been, little by little, watching the moon’s cycles, following the big dipper’s trail around the moon through the night, finding Cassiopeia and her “W”, and we’re pretty good at locating Venus and Jupiter.

 I try using the recently discovered [by me] 5 Common Topics of Invention [here’s a cute bookmark with them on it] and the Topic Wheel to lead us through all the Goodness we can in our star-gazing ventures…

My girls are 10, 8 and 6, so I don’t expect to get too far in either- but its a start- and helps us form connections to all of God’s World, and see how it’s all intertwined.

Imperfectly and feebly, I went- but we ventured out anyway. You can too!

“How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
Here will we sit and let the sounds of music
Creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony.   

– William Shakespeare ( Merchant of Venice)

* poem excerpt by Marni P. Harmony