Classical Conversations


I want to welcome you to the beautiful journey we will enjoy together as we teach our children to KNOW GOD AND MAKE HIM KNOWN!

According to John 17:3- “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent!

The best place to go for all things official regarding Classical Conversations is, of course, the CC website-and the CC catalogue.

I know that starting with CC can feel overwhelming- I have felt that myself.   It is my sincere hope that this little bit of info will make the exciting transition, or your pondering of it, a bit less burdensome and will invigorate and inspire you as you shepherd your children, train, teach and joyfully learn beside them!

Hopefully here at Sowing Seeds of Wonder, you can find some quick information you need to succeed and connect in your  CC Community.

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” – C. S. Lewis

I‘ll tell you a little about me and why I am so enthusiastic about Classical Conversations.

I am a homeschooling mom, with a teaching background.

I love teaching. But I haven’t found myself to be as “awesome” at it as I wish, as I teach at home.

The dishes always beckon; the crumb-coated floor scolds me from its dark and sticky corners.

The phone rings out, luring me to a stimulating dialogue.

Beep! says the dryer. Buzz! says the washer.

Scrub me, please! nags the toilet.

Put us away! Now! scream the piles of papers [I’m told I suffer from a bad case of The Piles- it is known as a recurring disease besetting those who also suffer from Out-of-Sight-Out-of -Mind Syndrome. Very serious, I hear]

Play with us?! whine the offspring.

Later…says I…

And as these early years pass, I have tried and tested different curricula, plans, schedules, you name it.

A way to be that great mom-teacher…

What I realized was that what I most wanted was something I couldn’t create well on my own.

What I wanted was called Classical Education.

Not just Classical Education, but a Christ-centered one.


Classical Conversations to the rescue!

My lifelong friend in Kentucky was heading there with some of her kiddos and mentioned it to me. My sister-in-law’s sister had her 4 kiddos in it. My friend from church had started using CC for her 4. My dear friend up the road, mother of 6, was a joyous Classical Conversations momma…

All told of how all the learning styles found in each of their children were fed through CC’s methods.

I learned of the plan a bit, heard the enthusiasm, and at first said to myself, “Good for them! Sounds cool. I think.”

But when I realized that my attempts to scrounge up something similar on my own were quite cumbersome and hodge-podgey, I decided to give it a whirl.

Am I ever so glad!

My avid reader and happy learner ate up the facts and memorization with gusto.

My want-to-play 5 year old marveled at her vast knowledge and began to blossom with confidence and desire to learn and teach what she knows.

My 3 year old was sponging up everything and keeping up with the big sisters like nobodies business [whatever that means].

I learned more in Cycle One my first year than probably most of my school years combined!

The mothers and fathers I met through our CC group are strikingly impressive and the kind of company one really wants to keep!

So welcome!

…with great pleasure I invite you to enjoy the rich, marvelous beauty and astounding presence of The Maker of All Things as He shines out in our study of all things He created!