So about that + sign on the costs page…


Partially due to facility costs, but then I want you to factor in some of the amazing tools you can use to help guide you through the years.

Classical Conversations recommends all Foundations parents purchase theFoundations Guide.  It contains all that you need to instruct your children through each of the 3 Cycles [learn more here].  Plus, it is CHOCK FULL of helpful tips, vital information, and resources that will assist, encourage and inspire you on your journey! CHOCK FULL, I tell you!!!  It is $75.classicalconversationsbooks_2258_4894691

You need it. Its your teacher guide, after all.

And your kids need the Tin whistle. For sure.

Those 2 items are all you need.

But then …

I also recommend that you join CC Connected online.

As a registered family it is a very minimal cost/ year...$6/ month I believe.

[You can ease in at any time and order these items at any time, as well, so don’t panic!]

The reason I recommend this, is that for copyright purposes, tutors cannot send families copies of the songs or content they use from CC Connected that are not enrolled in that, and it is so. much. easier. to learn it all if you follow the flow of the class time…also- you reap the benefits of all the brilliant, passionate parents (not unlike yourself) across the U.S., who have so generously shared their tips, ideas and worksheets  for your use and mine! Classical Conversations will also post all content they offer on their CD’s, as well.

CC Connected can truly get you all you need in resources and parent training!!! It is ASTOUNDING how much wisdom and information CC has to offer, and its worth the hunting on CC Connected. 🙂

So on to the goodies!

FREE! The Writer’s Circle and CC podcasts. check them out!

I like educational materials and books that are durable, pretty, and make my life easier…wait! I like almost ALL educational materials and books!  I may even be a bit of an educational material addict…but we’re all a work in progress, right? 🙂

So naturally, then I would want to purchase the Classical Acts & Facts History Cards because they are incredible! There is a card for each event on the timeline we memorize, and it is depicted with a famous piece of artwork.  On the back, there are fascinating facts that make it extremely easy to teach more about this event, creating more connections in the future.  [I have heard the complaint that the timeline moves too quickly as we learn it, making it difficult to really teach about those events- but with these cards, you can very simply teach about them, prompting more discussion and questioning which will lead to greater understanding of this world we live in.]

historycards - front and back

I also *love* the memory work flashcards.  I wouldn’t want to, but I could possibly live without them.

Here is also the more economical way to get them!

Here’s why I am ever so thankful for them.  They are tiny cards, laminated and color-coded buy subject, and you simply place them on a large o-ring clamp and voila! You have a portable study/teach opportunity: in the dentist’s waiting room, in the grocery cart, on a trip…

Another very handy resource that tutors will thank you for having and your children will probably dig as they start to really find their way around the globe, is the Trivium Tables: Geography.  It is a fold-out map with all of the areas of study, and easily packed into a notebook.


And These – I love…

classical-acts-facts-science-cards-10Classical Acts & Facts Science Cards

classical-acts-facts-artists-and-composers-coming-soon-13Classical Acts & Facts Artists and Composers

An AWESOME addition to all we do and learn and for your Morning Time Baskets or hanging by the “john” or bathroom mirror, are all of the amazing printables from Enrichment Studies!  There are freebies ALL.THE. TIME. But its worth the little bit you pay for the great resource!