Morning Time Magic WEEK 3- RECITATION

Yay! Week 3!!


Hopefully you have begun with Week 1 Ritual,  Week 2 Reading, and checked out Worship. If not- pop over- because they are nice places to start!

As mentioned before, Sarah Mackenzie who learned from Cindy Rollins, the Morning Time expert, have really written on this best.

But as great a joy as it has been to our family- I cannot help but share it, at least in brief.


Does that word make you want to cower in a closet or hide under the covers of your bed, or make your throat dry?

Somehow, it doesn’t conjure up gorgeous memories or feelings for me, either.

I find that knowing what a word is all about can take the scariness of it away …

It’s a Latin root, 
we all know that re means again, or again and again 
citāre to summon..
so we are summoning again some thing we have inside us.

That sounds better, doesn’t it?

It reminds me of how commonplace books were once called “Flora Legium”.  Books of Flowers. 
Someone, probably Dr. Perrin, shared this and the idea that the real ‘commonplace’ that information would settle in would be
                         THE HEART.
[Because we would study our “books of flowers”, our collection of precious and beautiful thoughts ideas, words, and know them by “heart”.]

Just pause with that for a minute or two.

Being able to summon God’s word kept Bess Ten Boom going with gentle strength and joy in a Nazi prison camp.

Tucking His word down in our hearts, keeps us from sinning and shows us where to go.

Reciting His words means we have a LIVING truth dwelling down deep, rooting us and bubbling out [being summoned again and again] even when the surface is a tempestuous sea or a lonely valley of death.

Knowing something well enough to recite it means we have a library of goodies to dig into at any moment needed.

SO- what do we want to recite?!

1. Scripture
2. Poetry
3. Literature
4. Chants and songs that help us remember helpful facts
5. you name it…

This is what we are trying to do:

 I have these old “Hooked on the Bible” Scripture cards. We pick one and memorize it. We repeat it and maybe put it to a tune…
I have a little devotion book with a scripture- we may memorize that.
We will review it each day of the week in Morning time, and then here and there later on- so our brain remembers that we want to keep it 🙂

OR we memorize Shakespearean passages.

Ken Ludwig has even made printable for you. There’s a link in his book, an you can copy out the passages.  We have learned and reviewed and now are beginning to actually recite dramatically! Oh boy!

OR Poetry

Andrew Pudewa selected a collection of great poems of great variety, and has presented a very easy, methodical way to memorize, review and tuck them down in your heart for a “summoning”- again and again.

“We should hunt out the helpful pieces of teaching and the spirited and noble-minded sayings which are capable of immediate practical application–not far far-fetched or archaic expressions or extravagant metaphors and figures of speech–and learn them so well that words become works.”- Seneca

What are you reciting this year? what would you like to recite?

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