Taking the “OW” out of hallOWeen

I refuse to give up.  Halloween doesn’t have to hurt…Lets take it back!
This year, we were carving pumpkins and as we were all pulling and scraping all the strings, seeds, and slop out of the insides, a life lesson came to mind. (it happens a lot)
Aren’t we all like pumpkins?
Don’t we all need our inner yuckyness scraped out by our Savior?

 Doesn’t He make us something beautiful and pleasing to HIM?

Rainbow dash cutie mark 🙂

 For a more in-depth talk through to do with your kiddos- go here.

Now…What about the candy?
Yummy- Oh, and there is a math lesson in there somewhere…

This is what we did.
1. Have fun.

2. Do math
make charts

If you want to get a little fancy..make one of these.

*made using Numbers on a Mac

Dry ice? Of course…cuz theres a science lesson in there too…

 Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide.  Cool thing about dry ice- it goes directly from a solid to a gas (sublimation).  Not-so-cool thing- it will burn (freeze) your skin if you touch it.  Use heavy leather gloves when handling and keep the kids hands AWAY.  For more info, go here

plastic wrap makes a bubble.
Try adding a little bit of dish soap to the hot water…

 The bubbles made by the soap are filled with dry ice “smoke”…when they pop, smoke comes out!
Sowing seeds…candy might make math fun…dry ice might make science interesting…
try it.
maybe next year 🙂

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